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Update from Bremen (!!!) now online... 29.05.2006


Hello my friends all over the world! Iam back home...
start: 17.10.2004
end (?): 27.05.2006

that means for me nineteen month + ten wonderful days and I don't regret a single one... two flights (oneway, Frankfurt to Sydney and Cairns to Sydney), about a hundred buses, a few hundred cars, my own car (named Paul), one yacht (Darwin to Kupang), some more ferries, sleeping busses, a couple of trains, a motorbike, some trucks, a few scooters and bycicles, a horse, a cablelift, escellators and ellevators, subways, trams, cabs and a parasail brought me back home to all you guys here in Germany...

don't really know what to say at the moment because I'm torn in between my emotions so just enjoy the new pics for now, ok!?


euer Ernst




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